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Last year, Todd Carmichael made an unsuccessful attempt on the trek between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole, accompanied by Jason de Carteret. This time around, although he is tackling the same route, he will be doing it solo and with the help of a little more advertising.


Below are all the news we published about the Expedition Earth expedition

  • Todd has made it !

    Published on 22.12.2008

    Here are some extracts from the update Brian Hart published on December 21st regarding the arrival of Todd Carmichael at the pole.

  • The Final Big Push?

    Published on 21.12.2008

    Here are extracts from an update published on Todd Carmichael's website on December 19 2008. Brian Hart (36), one of his closest friends and brother in law, is reporting.

  • Finally into the Last Degree…

    Published on 18.12.2008

    Just a few more days out on the ice and Todd Carmichael will have reached the end of his journey and achieved his dream...

  • The suspense continues…

    Published on 09.12.2008

    Todd Carmichael has decided to walk instead of skiing, partly because of the snow, but also because he does not have 100% faith in the strength of his bindings. Despite these problems, which are quite significant, the show must go on...

  • Gee, but he’s good this guy!

    Published on 05.12.2008

    After 22 days out on the ice, Todd Carmichael is just 23 miles or 42.5 km from breaking the speed record for this route.

  • A Daily Struggle!

    Published on 28.11.2008

    The difficulties continue and luck is on a leave of absence. Todd Carmichael has had to walk instead of ski, but he's certainly not short of courage.

  • Setbacks continue for Carmichael.

    Published on 19.11.2008

    After six days on the move, the American businessman has finally reached the top of the slight incline at Hercules Inlet. And fortunately, the wind has also died down.

  • First steps out on the ice

    Published on 17.11.2008

    Not only is his sledge at its heaviest at the moment, but Todd has also experienced a few technical hitches to mark the beginning of his expedition. But for all that, his morale is sky-high.

  • The Hardest Part of the Adventure

    Published on 07.11.2008

    Todd Carmichael has been telling visitors about the development of his exploration project since as early as June. At this particular moment, he should be arriving at Punta Arenas. He has shared some interesting thoughts with us.

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