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This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • The Amundsen Memorial Expedition

    The Amundsen Memorial Expedition

    success - from 02.12.2011 to

    The two expeditions Børge Ousland and his team are organizing this season are both commercial adventures. One is putting tourists at about 200 km from the SP, the other is following a part of historical Amundsen's journey.

  • South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

    South Pole 1911-2011, Two Men One Goal

    success - from 09.11.2011 to

    Two catalan adventurers, Albert Bosch and Carles Gel, are going to ski from Hercules Inlet to South Pole ; they want to be in SP before 14 December.

  • The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

    The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

    success - from 04.11.2011 to

    The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race is a charity expedition which aims to commemorate Scott and Amundsen's historic voyage to the South Pole 100 years ago.

  • South Pole 1911-2011 NPI

    South Pole 1911-2011 NPI

    success - from 03.11.2011 to

    Four Norwegian adventurers chosen by the Norwegian Polar Institue (NPI) are retracing Amundsen’s route, taking the same amount of time as Amundsen’s expedition, and trying to reach the southernmost point on Earth on 14 December 2011, arriving 100 years to the day after Amundsen.

  • Cas & Jonesy : Crossing the Ice

    Cas & Jonesy : Crossing the Ice

    success - from 03.11.2011 to

    Two Australians Justin Jones and James Castrission will trek from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, without assistance of any kind. Their expedition will raise funds for 'You Can', a fundraising campaign to build specialized youth cancer centres across Australia.

  • The South Pole Jubilee Expedition

    The South Pole Jubilee Expedition

    success - from 31.10.2011 to

    The South Pole Jubilee Expedition will follow Amundsen’s route to the Pole (starting at the bottom of the Axel Heiberg glacier), arriving exactly 100 years later on the 14th December 2011.

  • South Pole and Back - Ski & Kite

    South Pole and Back - Ski & Kite

    success - from 31.10.2011 to

    Famous polar explorer Richard Weber together with Josée Auclair are taking clients to an unsupported trek to the South Pole from Messner Start (Filchner Ice Shelf) (900 km) with the return by kite-skiing.

  • TransAntartika 2011

    TransAntartika 2011

    success - from 26.10.2011 to

    Three basque professional alpine style cimbers have decide to take a break in their alpinist carreer. They want to try an 'horizontal ascent' in Antartica.

  • ANI South Pole Messner

    ANI South Pole Messner

    postponed - from 22.10.2011 to

    We usually do not follow commercial expeditions. But this year we will. At least for one adventure. Two teams guided by two professionnal polar guides and ready to give their impressions afterwards.

  • South Pole Solo

    South Pole Solo

    success - from 20.10.2011 to

    Australian Mark George is, like he says, before all 'Passionate about Mother Nature'. This passion has inspired him to go on some amazing adventures such as sea-kayaking across Bass Strait, man hauling a sled to the North Pole, and scaling awe inspiring mountains including Mount Everest.

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