The TisoTransGreenland Expedition

Two young British adventurers, Alex Hibbert (22) and George Bullard (19), are attempting to make a double, out-and-back, crossing of Greenland.


Below are all the news we published about the The TisoTransGreenland Expedition expedition

  • A tough end to their expedition

    Published on 15.07.2008

    Alex Hibbert and George Bullard are not far from the coast now, but they have to ration their supplies and contend with heavy snow as they go.

  • Final Assault

    Published on 07.07.2008

    Alex Hibbert and George Bullard have successfully reached their stored provisions. They are now preparing for their descent the coast and their arrival at Qanaaq.

  • Pressing on, despite the snow

    Published on 23.06.2008

    Alex Hibbert and George Bullard continue to make progress on their way back, but the frequent snowfalls are not helping them go as quickly as they would like.

  • On the Homeward Leg

    Published on 15.06.2008

    Alex Hibbert and George Bullard have reached the west coast of Greenland and are back on the icecap again for the return journey.

  • Homesickness

    Published on 25.05.2008

    The Dutch are hot. The Tiso Transgreenland Expedition team is cold...

  • Morale on the rise

    Published on 15.05.2008

    So far, the two men have not had very good sliding conditions, either for skis or for pulling sledges. They hope the surface will improve now that the snow is starting to fall.

  • The descent has begun

    Published on 07.05.2008

    The two men are alternating between good and bad terrain, and good days and bad days.

  • The long descent has begun

    Published on 25.04.2008

    Despite the bad weather, the two men are making steady progress across the Greenland icecap.

  • “Ready to put in the big miles…”

    Published on 13.04.2008

    Alex Hibbert and his companion George Bullard are in great shape and ready to press on.

  • Northwards

    Published on 06.04.2008

    Hibbert and Bullard are still progressing northwards.

  • They’re On Their Way!

    Published on 31.03.2008

    Alex Hibbert and George Bullard are now on their way. They've just completed their ascent of the glacier which has taken them on to Greenland's polar icecap.

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