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This website aims at covering polar expeditions by publishing an introdution and linking to the official expedition website. Major expeditions are followed-up more closely through regularly published news, pictures galleries and multimedia files.

  • TransAntartika 2011

    TransAntartika 2011

    success - from 26.10.2011 to

    Three basque professional alpine style cimbers have decide to take a break in their alpinist carreer. They want to try an 'horizontal ascent' in Antartica.

  • South Pole Solo

    South Pole Solo

    success - from 20.10.2011 to

    Australian Mark George is, like he says, before all 'Passionate about Mother Nature'. This passion has inspired him to go on some amazing adventures such as sea-kayaking across Bass Strait, man hauling a sled to the North Pole, and scaling awe inspiring mountains including Mount Everest.

  • Antarctica 2011- 2012

    Antarctica 2011- 2012

    success - from 20.10.2011 to

    TO manager Aleksander Gamme is going to Antarctica to complete the trek Hercules Inlet - South Pole. Solo and with the return trip in his mind. This is his way to commemorate the Amundsen year.

  • South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

    South Pole Race 2011/2012 Centenary Race

    success - from 20.10.2011 to

    TO Extreme World Race Ldt. organizes long survival endurance races all over the world. This winter they offer to compete on the Antarctic plateau : 704 km to run on the ice, between the crevasses, snow bridges and the sastrugis... So far 7 teams have registered.

  • South Pole 1911-2011

    South Pole 1911-2011

    abandoned - from 19.10.2011 to

    Asle T. Johansen together with two other Norwegians celebrate not only the Amundsen Centenary but also the 150th anniversary of the Fridtjof Nansen's birth. They'll use period clothing and equipment.

  • Mawson Centennial Expedition

    Mawson Centennial Expedition

    postponed - from 18.10.2011 to

    Australia celebrates also the centenary of their conquest of the 6th Continent by Douglas Mawson. This australian explorer planned a new scientific expedition to the Antarctic coast south of Asutralia. That was in 1911.

  • Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

    Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

    success - from 18.10.2011 to

    After having led the previons Kaspersky expedition (Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition) back in 2009-2010, Briton Felicity Aston is going back to the Antarctic. This time she has chosen to be alone and to cross the entire continent.

  • The International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012

    The International Scott Centenary Expedition 2012

    scheduled - from 18.10.2011 to

    The ISCE is not intended to be a re-enactment of Captain Scott's original Terra Nova expedition, but to provide a fitting focus and commemoration of its achievements, and so to generate maximum public interest and inspire an effective education and media programme. This is probably the most significant expedition as far as comemorating the centenary of the achievments of Captain Scott are concerned.

  • British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

    British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012

    ongoing - from 15.10.2011 to

    The British Armed Services is mounting an expedition to Antarctica in 2012 to commemorate Scott’s outstanding contribution to the nation and to science.

  • Scott’s 2012 v

    Scott’s 2012 v

    postponed - from 14.10.2011 to

    Everyone knows what has happened to Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team when the Bristish explorers tried to be the first to reach South Pole in 1911-12. Three Britons will try to finish their journey.

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