Avannaq 2011

A 4.500 miles sailing journey from Granville (France) to Uummannaq (Greenland). To celebrate the friendship between two towns, two countries and two populations.


Below are all the news we published about the Avannaq 2011 expedition

  • The end of the voyage

    Published on 22.08.2011

    The last leg of our sailing was a very quite one, perhaps a bit too quite because there was almost no wind at all... Without our very faithful motor, we should be still fishing some cod in the south west of Disko!

  • Stopping over in Nuuk for Avannaq

    Published on 10.08.2011

    After visiting the old town of Ivittuut, they had to leave Grønnedal the 2d of August, in the early morning, rushing to Nuuk as a new barometric low was announced over Greenland West coast.

  • Visiting Narssaq

    Published on 31.07.2011

    Everywhere they make a stopover, members of Avannaq crew like to go and visit the old Norse archaeologogical sites. A way to establish even more positive links between two civilizations.

  • Dropping the visit of East coast…

    Published on 25.07.2011

    "Avannaq" landed to Narssaq on 23 July. With plan B dropping the visit of East Coast, they haven't got the opportunity  to sail through an unpracticable Prins Christian Sound propped out of ice.

  • Avannaq 2011 landed in Reykjavik

    Published on 13.07.2011

    After an eight days long stay in Heimæy harbour, Vestmans Islands in Iceland South West, the Yacht "Avannaq" landed to Reykjavik the 6th of July.

  • On their way to Greenland

    Published on 06.07.2011

    Avannaq 2011 crew is now on its way to Greenland. Although the sailing distance is not that big, the crossing is pretty dangerous.

  • Before crossing the North Atlantic

    Published on 14.06.2011

    The sloop Avannaq and her crew has arrived in Galway (the fifth largest and the fastest-growing city in Ireland), the last port before the crossing of the North Atlantic sea.

  • Smooth sailing

    Published on 08.06.2011

    Between currents and swells, the sailing in that part of Ireland is not too hazardous after all... Avannaq 2011 reached Dingle after a smooth sailing.

  • Avannaq reached Dingle

    Published on 06.06.2011

    They have arrived in Dingle and will anchor for the next two days. Sailing was quite uncomfortable with Force 6 winds and a choppy sea.

  • Sailing along the south west coast if Ireland

    Published on 04.06.2011

    Avannaq and her crew is slowly making her way to Greenland. But she has to visit the west coast of Ireland first.

  • Resting for a while after a hard crossing

    Published on 02.06.2011

    Avannaq 2011's crew is resting in Kinsale and enjoys this sheltered place, its beautiful and varied scents.

  • Sailing to Ireland

    Published on 29.05.2011

    The french sloop is on her way again. With a strong sea and heavy squalls, Pierre Auzias and Bertrand Lozay are crossing St Georges Channel.

  • News from Avannaq 2011

    Published on 27.05.2011

    The sloop Avannaq 2011 left Penzance yesterday but the weather turned poor, forcing the french sailors to take shelter somewhere on their way.

  • Around Cornwall

    Published on 22.05.2011

    Auzias / Lozay's Avannaq 2011 left Falmouth and arrived in Penzance. No problem during this leg.

  • Everything is OK on board

    Published on 20.05.2011

    No problem whatsoever with the sailing of Auzias/Lozays's Avannaq through the Channel. 

  • Avannaq 2011 is sailing to Greenland

    Published on 19.05.2011

    We begin our blog "Avannaq 2011" with pictures taken during the gathering to celebrate the twining between Uummannaq and Granville. Please go to our Gallery section.

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