Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition

After having led the previons Kaspersky expedition (Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition) back in 2009-2010, Briton Felicity Aston is going back to the Antarctic. This time she has chosen to be alone and to cross the entire continent.


Below are all the news we published about the Kaspersky One TransAntarctic Expedition expedition

  • A World First for Felicity Aston

    Published on 23.01.2012

    Brisitsh female explorer Felicity Aston has finally reached Hercules Inlet on time, on 22 January 2012. She then became the first woman to have succeeded to cross the entire Antarctica, from shore to shore, solo.

  • Frustrating, depressing, boring…

    Published on 15.01.2012

    Felicity Aston is feeling frustrated to be obliged to do always the same things days after days. Her head is almost empty now and skiing for her has almost become like a form of meditation.

  • Sastrugis everywhere, oddly glossy snow

    Published on 12.01.2012

    The Thiel Mountains are now behind solo Felicity Aston. But her voyage is not over yet. Every day, she has to face new sastrugis fields and other obstacles as well such as too hard or too soft snows.

  • Felicity Aston : Thiel Mountains Reached (on her way back)

    Published on 09.01.2012

    Felicity Aston has reached the Thiel Mountains where ALE logistics had dropped for her a food and fuel depot few weeks ago. She is half way home and has no more than 17 days to go before the last flight (of this season) out of Antarctica takes place.

  • “First signs of madness ?”

    Published on 03.01.2012

    When she writes that, of course the female explorer is joking. Nevertheless, Aston is starting to feel serious signs of cruel fatigue at night. in Addition, her knees hurt, because of the sastrugis of course.

  • Monstrous sastrugis and roughest ground for Aston

    Published on 30.12.2011

    Briton Felicity Aston has to face quite difficult consitions since she left the Pole to march towards West. Not only the sastrugis are enormous nut also the ground is rough to ski on it.

  • Felicity Aston has started the leg two of her trek

    Published on 25.12.2011

    Felicity Aston has rested one day at the Pole before taking the road again. According to her initial plan, she still has to ski until Hercules Inlet, which is antoher 1.100 km to go.

  • Felicity Aston reached the SP today 21 December

    Published on 21.12.2011

    On 19 December, Aston hoped it was not some kind of miraging effect as she caught sight of a big hill on the horizon.

  • “Oh ! I got a cluster on chilblains on each cheek !...”

    Published on 18.12.2011

    Since Felicity Aston left, she seems to be more worried about the chilblains she discovered two days ago on her cheeks than about the pace of her march...

  • Aston crossed the degree 87, being at no more than 200 Nm from SP

    Published on 12.12.2011

    Despite the fact that the sastrugis are enormous and everywhere, Felicity Aston keeps going hard. She has another 200 Nm to go.

  • She is skating rather than skiing

    Published on 07.12.2011

    In her last audio transmission, Felicity Aston was glad to announce than this morning, 7 December, the weather suddenly improved. The terrain also has become firmer.

  • Bad weather seems to stalk Felicity

    Published on 03.12.2011

    British explorer Felicity Aston is on her way up to the Antarctic plateau through the Leverett glacier. But due to bad weather conditions she is quite slow.

  • Aston is ready to get down to work

    Published on 28.11.2011

    Brtish explorer Felicity Aston has been at last transported by plane to her starting point at the bottom of the Trans-Antarctic Mountain Range.

  • F. Aston is still waiting for her flight to the Ross Iceshelf

    Published on 24.11.2011

    British explorer Felicity Aston had the chance to fly to Union Glacier ALE base camp on 18 November. But so far no chance with the weather : it's not good enough to fly to the Ross Iceshelf and to the starting point of her expedition.

  • Not yet on her starting point

    Published on 22.11.2011

    British adventurer Felicity Aston has arrived together with the other remaining expeditions at Union Glacier ALE/ANI base camp on friday 18 November.

  • Felicity Aston is in Punta Arenas

    Published on 10.11.2011

    Briton explorer Felicitiy Aston has arrived in Punta Arenas, where she is waiting for her ALE/ANI Ilyoushine flight to take her to Union Glacier base camp. We know more now about her itinerary to cross the 6th Continent.

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