The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race

The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race is a charity expedition which aims to commemorate Scott and Amundsen's historic voyage to the South Pole 100 years ago.


Below are all the news we published about the The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race expedition

  • Job Done for the Scott Team Too

    Published on 18.01.2012

    For once, Mothe Nature has smiled upon the Scott Team who deseperately wanted to arrive at the South Pole on 17 January, day of the Scott Centenary.

  • Will the Scott Team Make it ?

    Published on 17.01.2012

    The Scott Team of the Scott Amundsen Centenary Race wants to arrive to the SP on the 17 January to celebrate the Scott's anniversary who reached the SP on 17 January 1912. They are 22 miles away from it...

  • Exciting Finish for Scott Team

    Published on 14.01.2012

    With 64 nautical miles to go to reach their destination, the Scott Team of the The Scott Amundsen Centenary Race is excited to know whether or not they will make it to the Pole before the Scott Centenary (Robert F. Scott arrived at SP on 17 January 1911).

  • Amundsen Team touches the SP / Scott Team is 125 Nm behind…

    Published on 10.01.2012

    After 68 days and 700 nautical miles, Henry Worlsey and Lou Rudd forming the Amundsen team have arrived at the South Pole on 9 January. The other team doesn't know yet they have been beaten by their companions.

  • Amundsen team : near the goal / Scott Team : good mileage

    Published on 06.01.2012

    For both team everything is working fine for these last days of the treks. But after all, if this expedition was really a race, the two people Amundsen team is obviously going to win.

  • Amundsen/Scott : Extreme cold for both teams

    Published on 02.01.2012

    Since they reached the Plateau, both teams have to endure most terrific temperatures -with no doubt the coldest they knew so far : - 48°C for Amundsen Team, about the same lowest for Scott team (with wind chill).

  • Amundsen guys are doing well, Scott team has bad luck

    Published on 26.12.2011

    While Amudsen Team chaps are progressing well (66.4 Nm in 5 days), ths Scott team has stayed three days tentbounded. Weather and poor visibility are to blame.

  • Amundsen team is through with the Heiberg, Scott team is still fighting the Beardmore

    Published on 20.12.2011

    For the Amundsen duo, it's their first day on the Plateau. For Scott trio, they hardly made it to the top of Beardmore. They still have many crevasses on the way.

  • Amundsen team is almost over with Heiberg, Scott team starts the ascent of Beardmore

    Published on 13.12.2011

    Both teams are still negociating the respective glaciers they have chosen : the Axel Heiberg for the Amundsen team of course, and the Beardmore glacier for the Scott team.

  • Amundsen team is entering Axel Heiberg / Scott team is approaching Beardmore

    Published on 10.12.2011

    What a relief for the teams : they are finally almost over with the immensity of the Ross iceshelf. Now they enter a different world, the TransAntarctic Mountain Range. Amundsen team is begginning the ascent, the Scott team needs few more days to do so.

  • “Slow and steady, chaps…”

    Published on 01.12.2011

    Despite some bad days because of the wether conditions, both teams are doing well down there. Almost day after day, they beat their personal bests.

  • Land in sight for the Scott Team

    Published on 27.11.2011

    The Scott team has finally caught sight of the Transantarctica Mountains range. Great day !

  • Breaking previous distance records day after day

    Published on 21.11.2011

    Both teams are progressing well improving almost daily their distances records. Although from time to time they have to stay in tent for half a day.

  • Cool progression on both sides

    Published on 16.11.2011

    In order to give a better account of the progression of both the Scott and the Amundsen teams, we have summarized their daily technical datas. They are on their 13th day progression. Everything is OK.

  • British Army Remembrance Day

    Published on 11.11.2011

    This memorial date helps the two teams to remind all of us that they are doing this adventure for the benefit of the Royal British Legion.

  • The snakes of the Antarctic

    Published on 08.11.2011

    Despite the loss of one man, both team are progressing well. They start to feel how this frozen continent could be...

  • One out already !

    Published on 08.11.2011

    After only tow days on the ice, one of the team members (Amundsen Team) has decided to abandon the voyage.

  • One of the SP races has begun

    Published on 04.11.2011

    The two teams of 1911-2011 Scott Amundsen Centenray Race have just been dropped on the Ross Iceshelf yesterday. They flew from Union Glacier ANI/ALE base camp.

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