North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2

This year, explorer Mark Wood will attempt to be the first adventurer to ski -solo and totally unsupported-  to both South and North Pole consecutively.


Below are all the news we published about the North South Solo Expedition -Leg 2 expedition

  • On his way to Barneo

    Published on 02.04.2012

    A few days ago we have received an official statement from Marc Wood : the bad conditions of the melting ice around the Pole had forced him to change his original plans. Would he proceed to the next phase of his world première or not ? He found a compromise.

  • Wood is nevertheless going to the North Pole

    Published on 28.03.2012

    After the comeback from his successful trip to the South Pole, Marc Wood has met some financial difficulties ; this was due to factors beyond his control -namely the requirement to provide a substantial rescue bond, up-front, to the specialist airline that operates in the high Arctic region.

  • Wood’s expedition to the NP cancelled ?

    Published on 03.03.2012

    The information is not confirmed yet, but Marc Wood's expedition to the NP appears to be in jeopardy due to financial concerns.

  • Wood: Committed to Raising Awareness about Climate Change

    Published on 02.03.2012

    Before the announcement of the possibility of giving up the second leg of his adventure -reaching the NP directly after having conquered the SP- we had the chance to speak to Marc Wood about his solo trip to the SP and his commitment to raising awareness about Climate Change.

  • Marc Wood : at the Pole

    Published on 10.01.2012

    Marc Wood has just completed the first leg of his North South Pole challenge. Reaching the South Pole solo and unsupported on 10 January 2012.

  • Wood : another 122 kil to go

    Published on 06.01.2012

    As after the South Pole, Marc Wood will be preparing his next expedition and afterwards be rushing to the North Pole, he considers that his expedition is far from being over.

  • Fancy meeting you here !

    Published on 03.01.2012

    Besides the daily datas, we have very few information about Marc Wood's progress. He seems to have milder temperatures though and better winds. He has also a fancy meeting this morning with Chistian Eide's clients on their way back from SP.

  • Meeting with Santa Claus

    Published on 28.12.2011

    Meet for once the real voice of Santa Claus who has taken a wrong itinerary and who found himself knocking at the door of Marc Wood's tent in the middle of Antarctica. What a surprise ! For both of them...

  • Wood : Almost 300 Nm covered so far

    Published on 21.12.2011

    Mark Wood is often disconnect when he is on the satphone. Result : we have very scarce news these last days.

  • Wood continues his 15 Nm pace

    Published on 18.12.2011

    Solo Marc Wood has reached the half way mark. Although he has problems with some of his toes, he manages to maintain his 15 nautical miles a day. He has still a lot to cover.

  • For M. Wood, it’s too hot out there !

    Published on 12.12.2011

    These last few days, the satcom do not pass very well between the Antarctic and the UK. So not many news coming from Mark Wood since 9 December.

  • “Being trapped bewteen two withe voids…”

    Published on 07.12.2011

    Briton Mark Wood continues his progression on this white ice sheet towards the South Pole. Although he suffers from some small injuries, he carries on with a respectable daily mileage.

  • Alone with the ice, M. Wood starts to love his expedition…

    Published on 03.12.2011

    Strange feeling for expeditioner Mark Wood who (Hercules Inlet > SP and back) : he starts barely to love his expedition after being 12 days on the ice.

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