Pole to Pole Run

Multiple world record holder for endurance running Pat Farmer (48) is on the road again. This time, he is tackling the great run North Pole -> South Pole to raise funds for the Red Cross.


Below are all the news we published about the Pole to Pole Run expedition

  • Pat Farmer at the South Pole : A World First !

    Published on 19.01.2012

    Ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer has arrived safely at the South Pole on 19 January 2012. He had left the North Pole on 6 April 2011 ; and since that date he hasn't stop running from one pole to the other - excepts for two almost impossible to run geographical zones : the Darien jungle and the very southern part of Chile.

  • As Regular as Clockwork

    Published on 13.01.2012

    Almost nothing specilal to say about Pat Farmer's run on the ice. Except that these last days he has reduced his pace quite a bit.

  • Pat Farmer : Following the trails

    Published on 09.01.2012

    Pat Farmer is continuing his extraordinary adventure. He was strong enough on the bitumen of the roads and highways of both Americas, achieving almost two marathons each day. On the ice, he seems to be even stronger. Let's listen to what famous explorer Eric Philips thinks of him...

  • Farmer’s pace on the ice : 70 kil a day

    Published on 04.01.2012

    Since he started his Antarctic run in the vincinity of Patriot Hills, P. Farmer is covering 70 kil every day. According to his staff (famous Australian explorer Eric Philips and his cameraman), he is in top form.

  • Runing on the ice now

    Published on 02.01.2012

    Pat Farmer has arrived in Antarctica. On 31 December, he started running -probably leaving from Hercules Inlet. As for the other legs of his adventure, he will have a team with him along the way. Here it's a skidoo and a van under the reponsability of the famous Australian explorer Eric Philips.

  • Farmer : getting ready for the icy leg

    Published on 28.12.2011

    Australian explorer Eric Phiips who is going to help Pat Farmer for his fifth and final leg (Hercules Inlet > SP trek) announces that the ultramarathon runner has arrived on 27 December in Punta Arenas. They are getting ready to fly to Union Glacier ALE base camp.

  • No sign of Farmer getting ready for Antarctica

    Published on 25.12.2011

    Ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer has probably celebrated Christmas with his children and family. He is approaching the town of Freire in Chile. Punta Arenas is still far away...

  • Farmer will go to the Antarctic

    Published on 22.12.2011

    These last days we did not have any news from the ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer. Finally, he came back to his Twitter page on 19 December, after 15 days absence.

  • Radio white out for Palmer !

    Published on 18.12.2011

    Pat Farmer the ultramarathon runner does not send anymore news since a few days already. His last Twitter dates back to 8 December. We know that he is moving south anyway...

  • Will Farmer be in the Antarctic in time ?

    Published on 12.12.2011

    The news coming from South America are not around much these last days. A question remains : will Farmer be in time to continue his amazing adventure until the SP ?

  • Not many news from Chile

    Published on 07.12.2011

    Very few information coming from the descent of ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer on his way to Punta Arenas.

  • Latest : Philips will help Farmer

    Published on 04.12.2011

    This Sunday 4 December, we have just been informed that famous australian explorer Eric Philips will joint Pat Farmer for the Antarctic part of his gigantic run from NP to SP.

  • Approaching Santiago

    Published on 03.12.2011

    Ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer is continuing his gigantic run towards the big South. He doesn't stop running at a daily average of 90 km ! Breathtaking feat...

  • Approaching Chile

    Published on 16.11.2011

    Ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer has reached the province of Camana located south of Peru. He will be soon entering Chile.

  • Rushing to the South

    Published on 11.11.2011

    It seems that ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer is rushing to the great South and Antarctica ; he is running about 90 km per day !

  • Will Farmer continue ?

    Published on 21.10.2011

    So far so good. Par Farmer is running a daily average of about 80 kilometers, which is a great performance in itself. But this time, something goes wrong because his toes are seriously infected. He has reached Perou though, his 12th country...

  • Pat Farmer on Twitter

    Published on 06.10.2011

    For those who would like to follow more closely ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer, they can always follow him on Twitter ; he writes two or three lines almost every day. But the communication is always short.

  • Farmer has entered the leg three of his adventure

    Published on 04.10.2011

    After having crossed central America, ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer has entered the Darien jungle which separates Panama from Colombia.

  • Discovering a new world

    Published on 04.09.2011

    Ultra marathon runner Pat Farmer is proceeding with his long run from North to South Pole. He just entered Mexico and he finds the country fascinating...

  • With police in front

    Published on 23.08.2011

    Pat Farmer has now crossed the Mexican border. Since then, he is accompanied almost every day by a police car. Protection or surveillance ?

  • From town to town, from mayor to mayor

    Published on 28.07.2011

    Ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer has now reached south-east Texas. Every town he passes through, he receives the warmest welcome.

  • Meeting the Americans and the Americas

    Published on 04.07.2011

    Pat Farmer is continuing to publish his short videos recounting the highpoints of his amazing adventure on a more or less daily basis. With some surprises on the way...

  • “A marathon runner with a heart of gold…”

    Published on 13.06.2011

    "You are a marathon runner with a heart of gold ! ... " That's what a lady official of the city of Montreal told Pat Farmer when the adventurer visited the city... 

  • From ice to bitumen

    Published on 30.05.2011

    Pat Farmer has started his long and infernal run to South Pole. He left the city of Radisson on 19 May, north-east Canada. And now he is 'in the frying pan'... 

  • For more impact for the Red Cross : Farmer changes his itinerary

    Published on 18.05.2011

    After having succeeded the first leg of his odyssey (North Pole - Canada), Pat Farmer has decided to change the itinerary of the second part of his adventure.

  • On land !

    Published on 16.05.2011

    Pole to Pole Run team has arrived safety on canadian land. North of Ward Hunt Island.

  • Approaching Canada

    Published on 10.05.2011

    The team of the Pole to Pole Run Expedition is slowly approaching the northern coast of Canada. Everything is OK on board.

  • Tough days for Farmer & team

    Published on 03.05.2011

    The team of four have really tough days for the moment. Water everywhere and constant snowfalls.

  • They reached half way and have been successfully resupplied

    Published on 29.04.2011

    Farmer's team has been successfully resupplied by Ken Borek's Twin Otter on 27 April for another four weeks of food and fuel.

  • Summary of the Pole to Pole progression (Pat Farmer)

    Published on 23.04.2011

    As the follow up of this expedition is very well done, we just publish for this first update a list of the daily dispatches. Daily positions included.

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